Second Trimester

Second  trimester 

The second trimester begins at week 13 to 27 weeks. Most women find this trimester slightly easier as some of the symptoms have subsided and you begin to feel a little bit more like yourself. Just a reminder that every pregnancy is different and some may find it more difficult than other. 

Your baby

During this trimester your baby will grow to be about 13 to 16 inches long and weigh about 2 /3 pounds. By the end of the trimester your fetus has developed all its organs and systems. Between 16 to 24 weeks of pregnancy you may start to feel your baby move.

What is anterior and posterior placenta?

Got an anterior placenta? It simply means that your placenta is positioned in the front of your uterus. It is not a concern, it could just mean that you may feel your baby’s movements later on in pregnancy and weaker movements. However, this is not always the case, someone can still feel the movements stronger. 

Posterior placenta is when the placenta is positioned at the back of your uterus. This means that you have the advantage of feeling your baby’s movement stronger and earlier. 

What is Gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is when your body can not produce enough hormone known as insulin which controls blood sugar levels (glucose). This develops during pregnancy and usually disappears after giving birth. 

Gestational diabetes can develop at any stage during pregnancy however it is more common in the second and third trimester. The risks can be reduced if the condition is detected early and managed well. 

Your midwife/doctor will decide if you need to take a test. The test is when you have to fast for a selective number of hours. At the hospital, your blood will be taken out and then you will be given a sugary drink. Then you will have to wait approximately 2 hours to take your bloods again to determine how your body has reacted to the drink. You will be sent home to enjoy some food and wait for your results. 

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